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New parents invest a lot of time in choosing a name for their baby. Some will come up with names immediately while others will agonize over the choice. For many years, even decades, parents have ended up giving their new baby a name that was the name of a real television celebrity. Following will be a selection of these names encompassing decades. You will probably find that a relative or friend may have one of these names (more…)

Save your child from inferiority complex


It’s the growing up years that decide the course of the future. No wonder then, that in today’s competitive environment, parents are keen that their children attend all possible classes in order to prepare themselves for all possible exams. However, it’s most important for parents to pause and think about their child’s mental wellbeing. Inertly, human beings are always battling demons of inferiority (more…)

Online Dating For Single Parents: “Tips On How To Do It Right”


Single parents are very much aware of how difficult it is for them to find a match as compared to those who are just plain single. Most single moms and dads are working on the weekends to of course support the needs of their children, and at the weekend, they devote their time to bond with them. Because of this, they usually have lesser time allotted for themselves. For anyone who is alone at the responsibilities of taking care of the future of their children, making it back on the dating scene may not be an easy thing to do (more…)